While standing up a company's first innovation lab, we also built and piloted the company's first customer-facing beta mobile application. Working in partnership with core lines of business, we identified a business related to loyalty and rewards that had - to date - escaped traditional solutions driven by strict quantitative analysis and top-down management directives.


As an example of what an innovation lab could bring to the broader organization, we brought a pilot product to market in a matter of months - leveraging human-centered design to develop a minimum viable product driven by key customer insights, worked through IT and operational constraints, and built out an early marketing communications plan.


After launching the product to a small group of users, we continued to learn from our customers, iterating on the product design and marketing communications to continuously improve response. We continued to scale the product, reaching thousands of users before folding the product into another company product that was subsequently launched to a national audience. In addition to the product being rolled out across the entire customer base, the learnings compiled during building and scaling the product have informed the larger loyalty strategy and product roadmap. The team behind the product continue to consult and influence the loyalty roadmap.


Key Methods Used

In-Depth Interviews, Pilot Communities, Continuous Integration, Outbound Qualitative Surveys, Space Saturation