Redesigning Fortune 100 Performance Management

Getting a Fortune 100's worth of people to reset how they evaluate performance wasn't easy - especially when the current system was personally designed by the company's founder. The fact that nobody knew what the "right" answer was didn't make it any easier. With a team of HR professionals who were completely to human-centered design methods, we set out to rebuild the company's performance management system from the ground up.



Playing dual roles of project lead and coach, we began with empathy interviews across the company - from new hires to lifers, associates to executives, Operations to Innovation. Insights never before considered by HR executives bubbled up from participant profiles, affinity clustering, visual voting, and iterative design.




Several cycles of ideation and rapid prototyping followed, using weekly testing sprints to test hundreds of ideas via paper prototypes, storyboards, wireframes, and role-playing.



The experience and product prototypes we developed are now scaled across multiple departments impacting roughly 20,000 associates. Early testing suggest the changes are drastically improving associates' morale and engagement.

Key methods used:

Stakeholder Interviews, Media Scans, Trend Analysis, Experiential Prototyping, Storyboarding, Design Sprints